Here is what CAMO is all about

« Your lawyer is welcome to join, whether for an arbitration or for a mediation. »


A center where you can find all the required legal help to settle your litigations or get precious legal advice.


Arbitration is a non-stressful process where the traditional trial is replaced by a hearing before Me Yves Letellier acting as a sole arbitrator, in a strictly confidential manner, unless the parties instruct him differently. It is the ideal venue when opposing parties are looking for a more relaxed and serene way of settling their differences. The hearing is scheduled to start when the parties agree to a date and a sentence is rendered less than sixty days after the end of the arbitration. The sentence is binding, final and cannot be appealed.


Mediation is a non binding process where the parties to a litigation meet in a neutral location together with Me Letellier, accredited mediator by the Bar of Quebec, in view of finding a common ground to settle their dispute.

Mediation can happen in the thirty days following a request and a day is normally sufficient to obtain a satisfactory settlement.

The costs and fees for a mediation are shared equally by both parties.


Me Letellier will gladly attend to wherever the parties wish to hold their arbitration or mediation. He will see clients at their office, if need be.

Complementary expertise

Mr. Letellier can also count, if necessary, on the expertise of Mr. Jean-Claude Desnoyers, FCPA, FCA, CBV, Certified Mediator and Level 1 in collaborative law. Mr. Desnoyers has more than 25 years of experience in the financial field. He has determined the fair market value of more than 1,500 businesses for purchase, sale, reorganization or litigation purposes. He has also been involved in numerous damage quantification cases, from losses related to breach of contract, losses for business interruption claims, losses related to non-competition/non-solicitation clauses/obligations, losses of income related to physical injury, etc. Mr. Desnoyers can be involved even before the start of a mediation or arbitration process to help the parties better understand the financial issues.